An integrated design evaluation system supporting thermal-structural iterations

Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

Peter Eliasson ; Ola Isaksson ; Peter Jeppsson ; Göran Fernström

  • Luleå tekniska universitet
  • Volvo, Göteborg

In the design of high temperature components, design evaluation often requires an iterative procedure between thermal fluid and thermal structural simulations An integrated computer system providing an iterative environment for the multidisciplinary simulations re quired has been developed. The system supports iterations between thermal fluid and thermal structural simulations using two different commercial simulation packages. Traditionally, fluid and structural analysis have been simulated separately and analysis of coupled prob lems has required special, multidisciplinary simulation packages which are seldom used in early stages of design. Improving the infrastruc ture for data exchange between separate computer applications is one way to significantly reduce the lead time for design iterations. This reduction in lead-time allows multidisciplinary effects to be accounted for in early stages of design. The design system is demonstrated on an exhaust manifold, where the thermal interaction between fluid and structure is of significant importance.

The commercial simulation tools have been integrated to demonstrate the effect of automised data flow on design methodology, i.e , de sign iterations. This integration method makes use of existing features in the simulation packages and uses an export file format as the neu tral exchange format. In this way, the integrated system is simple and fast to develop which is preferred in small prototype systems and de velopment project Database integration supports a tighter integration, but requires more development effort. For design systems, where several design tools need to communicate, standardised information management procedures are preferable, following the ideas of the STEP framework.

TidskriftConcurrent Engineering: Research and Applications
Sidor (från-till)179-187
StatusPublicerad - 1998