Trends in product modelling: an ENDREA perspective

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Ola Isaksson ; Peter Jeppsson ; Freddy Fuxin ; Henrik Johansson ; Per Johansson ; Timour Katchaounov ; Mats Lindeblad ; Ma Haoxue ; Johan Malmqvist ; Samir Mesihovic ; Krister Sutinen ; Daniel Svensson ; Peter Törlind

  • Volvo Trucks
  • Linköping University
  • Uppsala University
  • VAC
  • Chalmers University of Technology


The success of engineering companies is highly dependent on how well product information is managed, engineered and communicated. From marketing through development to after sales activities, data needs to be accessible and used in the  
best way. Today, geographical distance, the need for close co-operation and data complexity are all natural parts of the working environment. Product modelling techniques are continuously evolving with new requirements and opportunities emerging daily. This paper will outline and discuss some of these trends, and at the  
same time present some of the areas where research is being carried out within projects in the Product Model Cluster in the national graduate school - The Swedish Engineering Design Research and Education Agenda (ENDREA).
TitelProceedings / Produktmodeller 2000
!!Place of PublicationLinköping
UtgivareLinköping universitet
StatusPublicerad - 2000


KonferensProduktmodeller 2000

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Produktmodeller 2000

okt. 07 2000 - okt. 08 2000

Linköping, Sverige

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