Road safety study and plan for remedies for three black spots
in Jamaica: a minor field study

Student thesis: Master's thesis, 30 credits, for qualification at advanced level, 300.0 Credits

  • Karin Löwing
  • Ann-Sofie Nilsson
Master of Science in Engineering Technology
The transport sector is recognised as being of crucial importance in
fulfilling Jamaica’s objectives of rapid economic growth, social justice,
economic independence and sustainable development. The Jamaican road network
needs upgrading and reconstruction in many parts. Any improvement in the
safety standard must therefore be realistic and probably employ low-cost
engineering methods as much as possible. The cost for rebuilding the road
network and the facilities for the vulnerable road-users that have been wore
down will exceed the cost for maintaining the road environment

A number of black spots in Jamaica have been defined in an earlier project.
The task for this thesis has been to find suitable remedies for three of
these black spots. The three spots are: Washington Boulevard (pedestrian
crossing), McCooks Pen (prevent overtaking and speeding) and Old Harbour
Town Centre (improve the road environment for both motorists and vulnerable

These spots have been studied by visual inspection and traffic counts. After
a thorough study of adequate literature a catalogue of remedies was produced
and from this suitable remedies have been selected.

Furthermore the advantages of evaluation of the remedies as well as of
maintenance have been presented.
Publication date2000
Publishing institutionSamhällsbyggnadsteknik


  • Jamaica, Developing Country, Road Safety, Minor Field Study, Black Spot, Counter Measure, Traffic Calming