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  1. 2015
  2. Publicerat

    Discrete bi-level facility models with competing customers

    Karakitsiou, A. & Migdalas, A. 25 feb 2015

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewAbstract för konferens

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    A Tree Neighborhood Topology Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Travel and Service Times

    Marinakis, Y., Marinaki, M. & Migdalas, A. 22 feb 2015

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewAbstract för konferens

  4. Publicerat

    ISO 14001 adoption and industrial waste generation: the case of Swedish manufacturing firms

    Zobel, T. feb 2015 i : Waste Management and Research. 33, 2, s. 107-113 7 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

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    Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Uganda: Who will take the lead when the government falters?

    Sturesson, A. & Zobel, T. jan 2015 i : The Extractive Industries and Society . 2, 1, s. 33-45 13 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  9. Accepterat

    Absorptive Capacity, Collaboration with Customers and Innovation Performance of Gazelle Companies in Knowledge-Intensive Industries

    Ryzhkova, N. & Pesämaa, O. 2015 i : International Journal of Innovation Management.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  10. Publicerat

    Adaptive Tunning of All Parameters in a Multi-Swarm Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm: An Application to the Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem

    Marinakis, Y., Marinaki, M. & Migdalas, A. 2015 Optimization, Control, and Applications in the Information Age : In Honor of Panos M. Pardalos’s 60th Birthday. Migdalas, A. & Karakitsiou , A. (red.). Cham: Springer, s. 187-207 21 s. (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; Nr 130).

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewKapitel i bok

  11. Publicerat

    Addressing implementation challenges during guideline development: a case study of Swedish national guidelines for methods of preventing disease

    Richter-Sundberg, L. (red.), Kardakis, T., Weinehall, L., Garvare, R. & Nyström, M. E. 2015 i : B M C Health Services Research. 2015, 13 s.15:19

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel