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  1. 2014
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    Lundkvist P, Vanhatalo E. 2014. Identifying process dynamics through a two-level factorial experiment. Quality Engineering. 26(2):154-167. Tillgänglig från:
  4. E-pub ahead of print
    Lundkvist P, Bergquist B. 2014. An experimental study of oscillation mark depth in continuous casting of steel. Ironmaking and Steelmaking. Tillgänglig från:
  5. E-pub ahead of print
    Segerstedt A. 2014. A simple heuristic for vehicle routing: A variant of Clarke and Wright’s saving method. International Journal of Production Economics. Tillgänglig från:
  6. Publicerat
    Maiga AS, Nilsson A, Jacobs FA. 2014. Assessing the interaction effect of cost control systems and information technology integration on manufacturing plant financial performance. British Accounting Review. 46(1):77-90. Tillgänglig från:
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    Nilsson A. 2014. Budgeting and beyond: mobilizing the management control system for change and resistance. Artikeln har presenterats vid Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association , Tallinn, Estland.
  10. E-pub ahead of print
    Malmström M, Johansson J, Wincent J. 2014. Cognitive Constructions of Low-Profit and High-Profit Business Models: A Repertory Grid Study of Serial Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. Tillgänglig från:
  11. E-pub ahead of print
    Nyström ME, Garvare R, Westerlund A, Weinehall L. 2014. Concurrent Implementation of Quality Improvement Programs: Coordination or Conflict?. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance. 27(3).
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