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  1. 2015
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    Kordestani A, Peighambari K, Foster T. 2015. Emerging trends in sustainability research: A look back as we begin to look forward. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development.
  5. E-pub ahead of print
    Kazeminia A, Del Chiappa G, Jafari J. 2015. Seniors’ travel constraints and their coping strategies. Journal of Travel Research.  : 10.1177/0047287513506290
  6. E-pub ahead of print
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    Pesämaa O, Shoham A, Khan L, Muhammad I. 2015. The Impacts of Social Networking and Learning Orientation on Performance. Journal of Global Marketing.
  8. 2014
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    Migdalas A, Marinakis Y, Marinaki M. 2014. An Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window. Artikeln har presenterats vid Conference LOT 2014, Molde, Norge.
  12. Publicerat
    Peighambari K, Sattari S, Kordestani A. 2014. The Online Norm of Reciprocity. Postern presenterades vid AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION'S 2014 SUMMER MARKETING EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, USA.
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