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  1. 2015
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    Malmström M, Johansson J. Business model management in early start-up of businesses – cases from the creative industries. 2015. Artikeln har presenterats vid International business conference, Maui, USA.
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    Malmström M, Öqvist A. On teacher’s leadership and student’s self-efficacy for students’ educational motivation. 2015. Artikeln har presenterats vid International Education Conference, Maui, USA.
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    Richter-Sundberg L, Kardakis T, Weinehall L, Garvare R, Nyström ME, Redaktör. Addressing implementation challenges during guideline development: a case study of Swedish national guidelines for methods of preventing disease. B M C Health Services Research. 2015;2015. 15:19.  : 10.1186/s12913-014-0672-4
  8. E-pub ahead of print
    Marinakis Y, Marinaki M, Migdalas A. A hybrid clonal selection algorithm for the location routing problem with stochastic demands. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. 2015.  : 10.1007/s10472-014-9441-7
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    Foster T, Sattari S, Bäckström L. Brand personality of a city: identity vs. image. i Conway M, Redaktör, The Sustainable Global Marketplace : Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science, Coral Gables, FL USA May 24-27, 2011 . Cham: Springer. 2015. s. 440-442. (Developments in Marketing Science).  : 10.1007/978-3-319-10873-5_257
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