A new method for stabilization of softwood kraft lignin fibers for carbon fiber production

Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

Ida Norberg ; Ylva Nordström ; Rickard Drougge ; Göran Gellerstedt ; Elisabeth Sjöholm

    • Innventia AB, SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden
    • Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology, Royal Institute of Technology - KTH
    Renewable resources, such as kraft lignin, have shown great potential as precursors for carbon fiber production. This manuscript reports an investigation into the stabilization of softwood kraft lignin (SKL) fibers and the determination of the difference in stabilization between hardwood- and softwood-based kraft lignin fibers. The stabilization was achieved either thermally by using only heat or oxidatively in the presence of air, at various heating rates. A heating rate of 4°C min−1 and a holding time of 30 min at 250°C were successfully used for the thermal stabilization experiments. Faster stabilization was achieved using oxidative conditions at a heating rate of 15°C min−1 and 30 min holding time at 250°C. Furthermore, stabilization and carbonization in a one-step process was performed on SKL fibers, which show great potential to reduce both production time and costs. The stabilized and carbonized fibers were evaluated using thermal, spectroscopic, and microscopic methods
    TidskriftJournal of Applied Polymer Science
    Sidor (från-till)3824–3830
    StatusPublicerad - 2013