CFD modelling of the flow through a grate-kiln

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Reine Granström ; Staffan Lundström ; Daniel Marjavaara ; Simon Töyrä

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As part of an investigation regarding secondary reduction of NOx emissions in a grate-kiln iron ore pelletizing plant, the aim of this specific research is to develop a CFD model that enhances the understanding of the aerodynamics and mixing of species inside the rotary kiln. At first, a parametric study of the pure airflow through the kiln is carried out and for certain conditions, a transient behaviour similar to that of vortex shedding was observed, with a dependence on momentum flux ratio between the secondary air jets. Further, the development of a preliminary coal combustion model is set out, which is in need of continued work in order to produce reliable predictions of various parameters relevant to the reduction process. However, the effect of the combustion on the flow field is limited, indicating that the pure airflow model can be used to broadly investigate the influence of the secondary air flow.

TitelProceedings from Seventh International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Minerals and Process Industries : CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia
StatusPublicerad - 2009


KonferensInternational Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries

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International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries

dec. 09 2009 - dec. 11 2009

Melbourne, Australien

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