SRP-DM scheduling of component-based embedded real-time software

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Model and component based design is an established means for the development of large software systems, and is starting to get momentum in the realm of embedded software development. In case of safety critical (dependable systems) it is crucial that the underlying model and its realization captures the requirements on the timely behavior of the system, and that these requirements can be preserved and validated throughout the design process (from specification to actual code execution). To this end, we base the presented work on the notion of Concurrent Reactive Objects (CRO) and their abstraction into Reactive Components.
In many cases, the execution platform puts firm resource limitations on available memory and speed of computations that must be taken into consideration for the validation of the system.
In this paper, we focus on code synthesis from the model, and we show how specified timing requirements are preserved and translated into scheduling information. In particular, we present how ceiling levels for Stack Resources Policy (SRP) scheduling and analysis can be extracted from the model. Additionally, to support schedulability analysis, we detail algorithms that for a CRO model derives periods (minimum inter-arrival times) and offsets of tasks/jobs. Moreover, the design of a micro-kernel supporting cooperative hardware- and software-scheduling of CRO based systems under Deadline Monotonic SRP is presented.
Datumjun 2011
StatusPublicerad - jun 2011


WorkshopInternational Workshop on Dependable and Secure Industrial and Embedded Systems

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International Workshop on Dependable and Secure Industrial and Embedded Systems

jun. 04 2011 - jun. 04 2011

Västerås, Sverige

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